Women’s Health – Pregnancy & Infertility issues

We at Hastalasiesta are dedicated to providing the best health care for women during their pregnancy. We have some of the best infertility specialists in our clinic who can effectively offer the right solution for various infertility problems. Of course, there are many fertility and pregnancy clinics at present, so why would you choose Hastalasiesta? We have the best tubal reversal surgeon who has years of experience in this arena. For all those women, who had undergone tubal ligation, deciding not to get pregnant in the future but later lament the decision, they can visit us and get enough reasons to smile.

Here at Hastalasiesta, we have handpicked the best and most importantly the experienced doctors. Our entire team of doctors is fellowship-trained and board-certified in their respective fields and that includes our experienced tubal reversal surgeon, Dr. Morice. Furthermore, we guarantee, you are not going to get world-class services at such affordable rates anywhere else. We at Hastalasiesta understand price can influence the decision of going for a specific treatment. Our experienced staff will clearly mention all the details and ensure that you are getting real value for your money. Our success rate also speaks volumes about our success. The tubal reversal procedure, for instance, can be very complicated, but at Hastalasiesta, the success rate for tubal reversal is more than 70%.

We believe, Hastalasiesta should ideally become your one-stop solution for all the health-related aspects that can affect the pregnancy of a woman. We offer the best assisted reproductive procedures that include IVF cycle cancellation, donor embryo program, vaginoplasty procedures, surrogacy, egg retrieval, infertility workup, icsi pregnancies, injectable fertility drugs, donor insemination and much more.

At Hastalasiesta, we recognize how infertility can drain women both emotionally and physically. We can offer such women proper consultation which in most cases would lead to a permanent cure of the underlying problems.