Indian summers are unbearable but India is so beautiful that you can refresh yourself by going to any of the nearby places in case you’re tired of everyday monotony. If you’re scratching your head as to where to go this summer then this post is for you as we’re giving you few best options that you can explore and be making something new this season.

Save yourself from scorching heat this summer go out and explore. And, in case if going out is not an option then the best you can do is to invest in best AC in India. Yes, that’s all you need, switch on the AC and enjoy at the comfort of your home.

For those who want to explore more this summer get prepared, get started and pack your bags for any of these scenic locations. They have sure shot a necessary revival you need to start your day apart from mundane normal life. Spoil yourself with the most needed break that will refresh you from within.

Refresh your mind, body, and soul with these handpicked locations in our country.

Kochi, Kerala

If you love natural beauty then this could be your stop. Kerala, Kochi is one of the most serene places with utmost scenic natural beauty. Forget the city life and pollution in the lap of nature and breathe the freshness of nature as you reconnect with your real self again. This place is worth your time, money and energy. It can completely revitalize your senses. If you’re a nature lover don’t miss the backwaters of Kerala as you won’t find it anyplace.

Chill Out at Himalayas

Our all-time favorite destination is the Himalayas the ultimate way to explore beauty and nature. In the hot summer season, there is nothing best than going to Himalaya. You can go skiing and do a lot more ice games overall there or simply can enjoy the Mother Nature.  In India, Himalayas is one of the best places one you can visit by 8 to 10 hours ride you can enjoy the trip. If you go by road then nothing like it the best part about this destination is to go from the road and enjoy every bit of nature’s bounty.

Leh Ladakh

Ladakh is famous as the land of the monks and monasteries. And, it gives the same peace and pleasure to every person who visits the place. It is serene and the most beautiful place in India. The winds at the night though may chill you to the bones. If you remember the last scene from famous movie 3 idiots it was taken in the Ladakh only.

These were our top three places to visit this summer. And, like we said vacation is not an option then at least invests in a best 1.5 ton AC in IndiaEnjoy your summer like never before.

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