Importance of krill oil during pregnancy – Krill Dosage

Krill oil can offer a world of goodness to women during pregnancy. The essential ingredient present in krill oil, Omega3 is very beneficial for pregnant women. However, the krill oil should be taken in pure form. Krill oil is also a potent source of antioxidants; they protect the cells from damage which is so important during the pregnancy period. Additionally, antioxidants boost the immune system, ensuring the mother would not be vulnerable to diseases.

Omega3 works incredibly well in enhancing brain capabilities. Therefore, the fetus will also benefit when the mother takes krill oil supplements in the prescribed doses. Many women tend to be anxious and stressed during pregnancy. With the help of krill oil, they can ward off all these factors. Krill oil intake elevates serotonin levels which in turn will help the expectant mothers to remain calm and relaxed. Re Krill oil dosage for pregnant women, Only 1g of krill oil taken as a food supplement can help pregnant women and ensure a healthy and comfortable pregnancy and safe childbirth.