The vaginoplasty procedure explained

At Hastalasiesta, we offer vaginoplasty for women. We understand the term is still pretty new to many. In a nutshell, this is a procedure which helps to tighten the vagina. The method is entirely non-invasive. We use special techniques to heat the tissues, depending on the patient; we may consider either radiofrequency waves or laser.

A significant percentage of women report of vaginal laxity after childbirth, this usually happens as the tissues get stretched and the muscles getting separated. We at Hastalasiesta do the needful and bring the separated muscles back to its earlier form. Additionally, we perform the necessary steps to eliminate the extra mucosa skin behind the vagina.

The procedure can involve both local and general anesthesia. The woman who will be undergoing this therapy should simply do a bowel preparation before the surgery. The experienced specialists at Hastalasiesta will perform the vaginoplasty, and the operation generally gets over within a couple of hours.

The women need to rest for a week or two before they can resume their normal activities. There are some minor side effects which may include pain, bleeding, and infection. However, these should not last for long. Ultimately, the woman will get a tighter vaginal canal.